Crafting a Slice of South Australian Excellence

Specialising in handcrafted dehydrated fruit that is sourced directly from the State’s Riverland region, Peel & Tonic is a South Australian, family-owned business that has experienced exponential growth across Australia since launching in 2019 - starring in retail outlets, small bars, glorious food platters and gift hampers.

These achievements have earned Peel & Tonic two nominations in the 2021 Food SA industry awards in Emerging Business and Boutique Food and Wine categories.

Initially, a side project, they changed their focus to Peel & Tonic after their wholesale liquor business took a hit from COVID – a pivot that saw the company not only survive but thrive – thanks to everyone who fell in love with our brand.

A Family Affair

Peel & Tonic is a proudly family-owned business, deeply entrenched in South Australia. Our commitment to excellence and dedication to crafting the finest garnishes from the freshest produce is a testament to our family’s values and heritage.

The Art of Selection

At Peel & Tonic, we believe in the art of selection. We handpick the ripest local fruits, ensuring that they are at the peak of their flavour and freshness. With a meticulous eye for detail, we expertly dry these fruits, preserving their natural essence, aroma, and nutrients. Most of our fruit is sourced right here in South Australia, where the fertile lands bless us with a diverse array of amazing produce.

Our Sustainable Choices

At Peel & Tonic we go beyond just dehydrating fruit for your cocktails and grazing platters; we are also committed to making sustainable choices. Our premium seasonal fruits are sourced directly from South Australian producers, with each piece carefully handpicked for its shape, quality, and ripeness. Imperfect fruits are not discarded, instead used in our rimming salts to harness zero waste. Furthermore every glass jar, lid and shelf ready cartons can be recycled of course by you too.

Elevating the Drinking Experience

Our mission is clear: to bring mixers and cocktails to life with our handcrafted garnishes. Peel & Tonic products are carefully designed to transform ordinary drinks into extraordinary ones, offering a symphony of flavours and bursts of colour. Beyond cocktails, our garnishes add a touch of elegance to cheese boards and grazing tables, and they make for the perfect, guilt-free healthy snacks.

Natural Goodness, Always

We take pride in crafting products that are as pure and natural as the South Australian landscapes that inspire us. Peel & Tonic garnishes are a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality. They are gluten-free, vegan, and paleo-friendly, ensuring that they can be enjoyed by all. With no added sugars, artificial colours, or preservatives, our products encapsulate the true essence of nature’s goodness and flavours.

The Citrus Symphony

Citrus is at the heart of our offerings. Our core range boasts a delightful selection that includes Opulent Orange, Luscious Lime, Blood Orange, and Mighty Mandarin. But we don’t stop there – our creative spirit extends to other fruits like Strawberry, Apple, Pear, Pineapple, and Persimmon, all dehydrated to capture their essence.

Peel & Tonic is a testament to the perfect blend of South Australian produce and a family passionate about quality and innovation. With every garnish we craft, we share a piece of our journey, a slice of South Australia, and a sip of something truly extraordinary.

Welcome to our story; it’s a story best told over a gin & tonic depending on the time of day!