Peel & Tonic Fancy Cocktails

Looking to elevate your cocktail game?

Look no further than dried fruit garnishes.

These little bursts of flavour can take your ordinary cocktails to extraordinary. Whether it’s a refreshing gin and tonic or a blood orange burboun sour, adding a Peel & Tonic dried fruit garnish not only adds eye popping appeal but also enhances the flavour.

Dried fruit garnishes come in a variety of flavours, including citrus peels, berries, and other exotic fruits. The natural sugars in dried fruits infuse into the drink, creating a complex and well-balanced taste. So why settle for boring, one-dimensional cocktails – when you can so simply elevate from ordinary to extraordinary?

Unlock the secret to unforgettable cocktails with our dried fruit garnishes, flavoursome cocktail rimming salts – three cheers to fancy!